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i love this. *sobs*

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i don’t even

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Sanosuke can be a Krogan. :D :D :D

Megumi is an Asari, of course. And Kaoru is a Quarian. Yahiko is a babby!turian.

Quarian/Hanar romance?  How do you even…?

…with the tentacles??

Japanese manga would disagreeeeee

Why is this not coming into existence yet?


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Sanosuke can be a Krogan. :D :D :D

Megumi is an Asari, of course. And Kaoru is a Quarian. Yahiko is a babby!turian.

Quarian/Hanar romance?  How do you even…?

…with the tentacles??

Japanese manga would disagreeeeee

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30 Day Anime Challenge
Day 02: Favourite Anime So Far

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WELP I sucked today. Completely lost track of time. Plus, I hate drawing when people are around. So, this is late. Dunno if I can do one tomorrow, since one of my roommates is having people over for Super Bowl Sunday [for those of you who don’t know what it is, think ‘World Cup’ except just for America, and with hand egg American football] and I might be a ball of anxiety depending on how boisterous they all are.

ANYWAYYYYY, my favourite anime thus far… it’s hard, picking just one. I love different genres, and always have a favourite within each; but to pick just one is always a frustrating task.  In the end, though, I have to go with Rurouni Kenshin.  A lot of my art style is influenced by Watsuki-sensei, and no other anime has affected my interests quite to the level that RuroKen has.

RuroKen got me interested in being a mangaka, learning about Japanese history, learning Japanese, costuming, swords, martial arts… it even got me into other anime. I’ve bonded with so many people over the years through Kenshin, and though I only talk to a few of them now, I’ll never forget them.

Featured here, Kenshin and Kaoru.  Pairings come and go, but for me, these two are just so right that I can’t ship either of them with anyone else.

Edit: Oh, right. Pose reference [here]. 

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@zendork - omgggg sano

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This movie looks too super srs by the screenshotssss. >:T

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Complete Taiwanese edition of the Kanzenban Rurouni Kenshin books.

*grabby hands* idec if it’s in taiwanese, gimme

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The live action film for “Rurouni Kenshin finished filming on November 21st, and fans of the popular manga series got a first look at ‘Kenshin’ himself, played by actor Sato Takeru.

Filming for the movie began back in August, and the shoot was held in Kyoto, Shiga, Tottori, Okayama, Hyogo, and Osaka with a total of 1,200 extras.

Reportedly, William Ireton (who presided over the production of the movie) has already begun preparations to distribute it overseas. He stated, “We believe that ‘Kenshin’ will be loved by audiences all over the world.”  Sato also commented, “I screamed ‘It’s over~!’ because I was relieved that we were able to finish filming it safely, and I felt a sense of freedom.  I want many people to watch the movie, especially the fans of the original manga.”

“Rurouni Kenshin” is one of Japan’s more famous manga, originally serialized through “Weekly Shonen Jump” during 1994 ~ 1999. Its comics (totaling to 28 volumes) have published over 50 million copies.

The manga follows the story of ‘Himura Kenshin’ who was known and feared as the assassin “Hitokiri Battousai”; after experiencing a personal trauma, he starts a personal journey as a wanderer after the Meiji Restoration, pledging that he would do “no more killing.”

Sato plays ‘Kenshin’, and his female co-star is Takei Emi, who plays the heroine “Kamiya Kaoru“; Aoi YuAoki MunetakaTanaka Taketo, and Eguchi Yosuke are also the part of the main cast.

The movie will be released on August 25th, 2012.


GAHHHHHHH megumi doesn’t look like megumi at all. >:||||||||| 

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The cast of Rurouni Kenshin Shin Kyoto Hen. 
Front row from left: Miki Fujitani (Kamiya Kaoru), Mayo Suzukaze (Himura Kenshin) and Tomo Sakurai (Makimachi Misao)
Back row from left: Miina Tominaga (Myojin Yahiko) and Masanori Ikeda (Shishio Makoto)

Kenshin-TV also featured a brief interview with the seiyuu. Mayo Suzukaze expressed her happiness and excitement in having the opportunity to reprise her role and to be reunited with the original cast and staff of RuroKen. She also mentioned something about Kenshin’s signature “oro” and the second part of the OVA.

When asked to give a message to the fans, Suzukaze said that they have kept all RuroKen fans waiting. She hopes that everyone will enjoy Shin Kyoto Hen.

oh yay, Kenshin’s VA is back, and woooooooooo ORO.
she’s so adorbs. 

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By: Anonymous.

ugggggh, OP you’re missing the point. It’s not about punishment, it’s about atonement and making up for your sins. It’s about offering people the chance to seek forgiveness. It’s about allowing people the chance to make up for what they’ve done, whether it be through imprisonment through the justice system (like Anji) or by bettering their lives and helping others (like Megumi). If it’s about punishment for you, you’re missing the point of RurouKen entirely. 

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more kenshin stuff. i think you can tell that i’m really comfortable drawing for this fandom. minimal reference, mostly for the foot pose. such a good series.

edit;; i’m actually really happy with this. it’s still very obviously my own style, which i’ve always had difficulty with when drawing fanart of art. it’s still recognisable, though, which is awesome as well. i’m really pleased with this - going back to my “roots” (since kenshin is the first fandom for which i made art on a consistent basis) really emphasises how much i’ve improved and learned.

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