June 2011

vanessasketch asked:

Fenris, smallclothes. You can make it happen. ;)

There were two definitions of ‘smallclothes’ - breeches, or underpants. I went with underpants. ENJOY. LOLBULGE. I got so many weird looks from Josh’s friends… (at their house atm).

ed; ok, for some reason this is showing up distorted on my layout. TRYING AGAIN.

#bulge   #fenris   #smallclothes   #hawt mens   
  1. vanessasketch said: You knew I meant underpants and the results are fabulous! :D He looks like he’s about to slice in half whoever caught him in his underwears…Oh crap. That’s me. I better go. XD
  2. wenchlatte said: Me. Gusta.
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