February 2013

Follow Friday - 02.08.2012

It’s Friday again, and that means it’s time for another Follow Friday list! I hope you aren’t getting tired of these yet. In no particular order, this week’s are:

allmypanties - Basically, panties is me incarnated in a separate body or something like that. She’s fantastic, is a part of a lot of different fandoms, and has great taste in aesthetics. She’s also super nice, which is always a plus. :D

analogwatch - So FUNNY THING about Erin. She and I met via tumblr’s Dragon Age community, and it turns out that she had met my fiancé years ago in a different community. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Anyway, you should follow her because she posts amazing things, has a lot of fandoms (if you’re into Steam Powered Giraffe, you’ll be extra happy), and is a really socially conscious and wonderful person. (Also she’s a riot if you get a chance to meet her in person!)

lwyinis - one of the biggest subscriber’s to Wheaton’s Law (don’t be a dick) that I know, lwyinis is someone I really like and have a lot of respect for. Not that I don’t have respect for everyone else on this list, past lists, or future lists, but lwyinis is usually one of the first people to call out fandom bullshit with hard facts, and it’s such an amazing sight to behold. Plus, she’s got a lot of fandoms — I think SPN is her main cuppa at the momemt (forever? >_>) — and posts a lot of things that make me laugh.

vakarrus - is fabulous, ngl. She’s a bit prone to hyperbole (then again, this is tumblr, aren’t we all?), but she’s one of the sweetest people I know here. She loves and loathes equally fiercely, and is such an awesome blogger for her ships and her fandoms. She won’t take any shit though, don’t be fooled by all the cute anime pictures!

jephjaques - the creator of QC. do I really need to say more?

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